Announcing Azure Week!

With the help of several other Azureshippers, I am happy to announce the first-ever

Azure Week!

What’s Azure Week?

It’s a weeklong celebration of all things Azureshipping, from September 16 – 22, 2018 (and hopefully every year on those dates)!

The theme for this first Azure Week is “renewal,” and we’re voting on daily themes now! Cast your vote on what themes you’d like to be featured as part of Azure Week 2018, and then help create Azureshipping works that fit those themes!

Works? What sort of works?

Anything you can think of! Fanart, fanfiction, comics, cosplay photos, dolls, essays, mood boards, fan soundtracks or fanmixes, anime music videos, meta analyses, headcanons, plot bunnies…

Where should I post these works?

Post wherever you’re comfortable sharing. But a few recommendations are:

If you post your works elsewhere, let me know in the comments so I can add it to this list, especially if there are other Azureshipping works there!

Don’t forget to tag your works with #azureweek or #azureweek2018 and #azureshipping so fellow fans can find them!

Comments? Questions? Let me know!

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