Azure Week 2023

For Azure Week 2023, fans on the Azure Week Forum and our Discord server have put together a list of seven themes to use throughout the week to inspire fanfiction, fanart, fanmixes… or whatever! They’re inspired by the overall theme “Reunion.”

How to Participate in Azure Week 2023

If you’re interested in participating, all you have to do is tag your work (wherever you post it: Archive of Our Own,, Tumblr, DeviantART, Reddit etc.) with #AzureWeek2023. If your platform of choice supports spaces in tags/keywords, then you may find it’s already there, formatted as #Azure Week 2023. No way to tag? Please make sure to reach out to me (I’m @Azurite on most sites; on deviantART I’m @the-sweet, and on Tumblr I’m @anzu-kaiba) so I can showcase your work here on Blue Eyes & Apricots!

Random Theme Generator

You might not be able to participate for all seven days of Azure Week, or maybe you want to try and combine themes into one work. Whatever your fancy, if you’re up for a challenge, try our Random Theme Generator! It displays one of the seven themes whenever you refresh the page, along with some additional inspiration. Use the main theme and the additional inspiration/challenge for max creativity!

Azure Week 2023 Themes

The 2023 themes are:

  1. second chances
  2. unexpected
  3. perspectives
  4. promises
  5. celebration
  6. healing
  7. rediscovery

Extra Challenges: Hard Mode

Want even more of a challenge? Try one or more of these ideas:

  • Do the themes in some kind of order. You can follow the order above, or you can do alphabetical order, ordered by the number of words in a theme (e.g, one word themes before two word themes). You can also choose to make a random theme of your choice go in order of the series continuity, e.g., your first theme takes place during Duelist Kingdom, your second during the Legendary Warriors/Virtual World event, etc.
  • Try and create a different kind of fanwork for each theme. For example, for one theme, you can write a fanfic, while for another theme, you can illustrate a short comic. You can also write a script, create a piece of fanart, edit a fanvid, put together a fanmix, write an essay or a piece of meta…. You can even make a list of your favorite fics/art pieces/songs/sites/whatever that seem to fit the theme to you!
  • Use a different point of view character, art style or medium, genre, or tropes to go alongside your creation. For example, write “promises” as an Azureshipping fic from Mokuba’s perspective, or try your hand at illustrating “celebration” with acrylic paint.

Submit Your Azure Week 2023 Works Here

Fill out the below form to submit a URL to your fanwork online so we can create a Master List of submissions here on Blue Eyes and Apricots! The URL should go to where your fanwork has a permanent home, e.g., a fanfiction on or Archive of Our Own, fanart on deviantART, a post on Tumblr/Dreamwidth/Reddit, or wherever else your submission might live.

Please make sure the link you supply does not require a login or payment gateway (e.g., Patreon) to access!

If you tagged your work with #AzureWeek2023 (without the spaces) or submitted to an Azure Week-specific collection (AO3) or Community (r/azureshipping, @azureshipping on Dreamwidth, on the Discord server’s appropriate channel, or the Azure Week Forum on FFnet), you should see your work linked/embedded on the Master List after Azure Week concludes. If you don’t, please fill out the below form; it’s possible we missed something even though it was properly tagged!

Azure Week 2023 Master List

Stay tuned for the Master List — it’ll be posted after September 23, 2023!