Azure Week 2020 Master List - Art from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Terminal and Duel Links games; arranged by Azurite

Azure Week 2020 Master List

I’ve scoured the archives, double-checked the tags, and organized all the form submissions… here is the definitive Azure Week 2020 Master List of contributions! I will be providing a direct link(s) to the work and the creator’s profile. Questions? Comments? Missed submissions for 2020? Please contact me via the Contact Form.

This list was last updated October 19, 2020.

Thank you for participating in Azure Week 2020!
Thank You for Participating in Azure Week 2020!

Themes & Extra Challenges

As a reminder, the themes for 2020 were as follows:

  • Warm by the fire
  • Raindrops
  • Falling leaves
  • Game night
  • Something human
  • Under the moon
  • Reunion
  • Excuse me
  • Invitation
  • Trapped
  • The sound of waves
  • Reflection
  • Perfect blue
  • Right place Right Time

Extra Challenges & Random Theme Generator

Fans could take on an extra challenge by pairing their chosen theme(s) with one of the following optional Yu-Gi-Oh! elements:

  • Toei anime/Season 0
  • Duelist Kingdom
  • Legendary Warriors/Virtual World (Duel Monsters anime only)
  • Rebecca’s Revenge/Dungeon Dice Monsters
  • Battle City, Part 1
  • Noa’s Underwater Fortress/Virtual World Part 2 (Duel Monsters anime only)
  • Battle City, Part 2
  • Orichalcos Arc (Duel Monsters anime only)
  • KC Grand Prix (Duel Monsters anime only)
  • The Dark RPG/Memory World
  • Post-canon
  • Dark Side of Dimensions
  • WILD CARD (choose any line you want, or mix it up! You can also do an Alternate Universe or Alternate Timeline)
  • Manga-only

If a fan wanted to mix and match what theme could potentially go with which Yu-Gi-Oh! element, we had the handy Random Theme Generator to do the work!


If you’re unfamiliar with the Rating system used below, here’s a handy guide:

  • G/K = Suitable for All Audiences
  • K+ = Suitable for Older Children (age 9+); This rating is only present on
  • T = Suitable for Teens and Up
  • M = Suitable for Mature/Adult Audiences Only
  • MA/E = Explicit Content. Adults Only; This rating is only present on Archive of Our Own.

Prisms by LuckyLadybug |
Theme: Trapped
Rating: G/K
Warnings/Other Info: Post-Canon, some hurt/comfort content (but not what you might expect)
Summary: When Mokuba goes missing one afternoon, Téa finds herself offering to help Seto find him.

The Evolution of Dreams by LuckyLadybug | Archive of Our Own
Themes: Something Human, Invitation
Rating: G/K
Warnings/Other Info: Post-Canon
Summary: Téa is invited by Seto to a business dinner as his guest. Along the way, they discuss her dreams and what they mean for the future.

Tremors by Azurite | Archive of Our Own
Themes: Trapped, Reflection, Excuse me
Rating: T
Warnings/Other Info: Inspired by Real Events, Natural Disasters, Post-Canon, Multichapter/Work-in-Progress; the themes show up in the order listed above in Chapter 3: Overboard. Chapter 1 features “invitation,” of a sort, but it’s a coincidence. Also for the 30kisses community (LJ/DW) theme #27 : overflow.
Summary: It had been six minutes. Only six minutes. But in that time, the world came crashing down around Anzu Mazaki. It would have taken her with it, had her chemistry lab partner Seto Kaiba not saved her…again. Why does he care? Since when does he care?
Chapter summary: It started with croissants, which, in retrospect, was probably a bad thing to try and make at 2:57 a.m. Anzu didn’t care. Or, Anzu avoids sleep and it catches up with her, anyway. Seto makes plans that could backfire spectacularly.

“Here” Seems Like a Pretty Good Place to Be by MoonlightTyger | Archive of Our Own
Theme: Warm by the fire
Rating: T
Warnings/Other Info: Post-Canon, Established Relationship; very slight Replayshipping (Yugi x Rebecca)
Summary: If Téa had told herself ten years ago that five years after graduation she’d be married to the most egotistical man on the planet, she’d have laughed in her own face. But there they were, up at the cabin, all together as family.

As Family by MoonlightTyger | Archive of Our Own
Theme: Falling leaves
Rating: K
Warnings/Other Info: Set in LuckyLadybug’s “Pendulum Swings” fanfiction-verse.
Summary: It’s the perfect autumn day, but Mokuba is feeling down. Meanwhile, Téa makes sure Kaiba doesn’t starve.

Ruin My Life by keepitsecret19 | Archive of Our Own
Theme: Raindrops
Rating: T
Warnings/Other Info:
Songfic (Ruin My Life by Zara Larsson), Post-Canon
Seto Kaiba has another challenge for himself. Too bad, it’s about to ruin everything he though he knew.

A Written Invitation by keepitsecret19 | Archive of Our Own
Theme: Invitation
Rating: G/K
Warnings/Other Info: Post-Canon.
Summary: Weddings, flirting and humor.

Warm by the Fireplace by keepitsecret19 | Archive of Our Own
Theme: warm by the fire
Rating: G/K
Warnings/Other Info: Post-Canon, Established Relationship.
Summary: Seto returns to the Kaiba Mansion after a long day at work . Téa’s warming herself in front of the fireplace, reminiscing about the early days of their relationship, and some of Seto’s more “redeeming” qualities.

Azureshipping Week 2020 by Guardian Kysra | Archive of Our Own
Themes: Game Night; Invitation; Reunion; Something Human; [Raindrops]; Excuse Me; By the Fire; Under the Moon; Right Place, Right Time; Reflection
Rating: M
Warnings/Other Info: Post-Canon, Multichapter/Completed, Replayshipping (Rebecca x Yugi), Polarshipping (Mai x Joey), Siblingshipping (Serenity x Mokuba), mentioned Supportshipping (Téa x Tristan), Everyone is at or above the age of consent; Mentions of casual and drunken sex; Sex positivity
Summary: Téa’s returned to Domino from New York, but can’t get a certain incident from five years ago out of her mind.


SweetCupcake2014/SweetCupcake2014 (Tumblr) found a clip from the Yu-Gi-Oh! “Waking the Dragons” arc in the English dub, where Téa expresses surprise to Seto that Kaiba Corporation could be taken over so easily. That Seto actually responds (without snark, too!) may come as a surprise to some, but not us Azureshippers.

Clip from Yu-Gi-Oh! Waking the Dragons, episode 168

Later on, in episode 174, you can see how Seto and Anzu (Téa) have started to trust one another more. She helps him up to a fire escape when the alleyway they’ve escaped to becomes overrun with rats tainted by the Orichalcos. After they find Jounouchi (Joey), and they stare out at the world as the Great Beast (Leviathan) begins to awaken and wreak havoc, they stand side-by-side. Check out the full post with commentary from SweetCupcake2014 on Tumblr here!

SweetCupcake2014/EmiliziaContent (Tumblr) also found this panel from the Yu-Gi-Oh! R manga, an “inbetween” story that takes place between the events of Battle City and the Dark RPG/Memory World saga in the manga. The story and art are by Akira Ito, and Kazuki Takahashi supervised.

A rough summary: After Pegasus’ death during Duelist Kingdom, one of his adopted sons decides to go after Yuugi and Kaiba. To that end, he kidnaps Anzu for his mysterious “R ⭐️ A Project,” and Anzu can only appear when Yuugi activates his Duel Disk and uses a card with Anzu on it… her body is held hostage! When the villain tries to take over Kaiba Corporation, Kaiba himself forces his way into the building, only to discover…Anzu!?

SweetCupcake2014 says, “I don’t know if you know about this manga, but man… Just the expression on Kaiba’s face tells me how [surprised he is]. And whoever says he doesn’t care… cut the crap already[!]”

Meta submission for Azure Week 2020 from SweetCupcake2014 (EmiliziaContent on Tumblr): Seto Kaiba clicks a button to reveal a complex setup of machines in a massive room below him. Unconscious and plugged into one of the machines is Anzu Mazaki. Seto Kaiba looks shocked, thinking "Mazaki Anzu?! Why is she here... and what on earth is that device...?!" Image from Yu-Gi-Oh! R manga Round 21: The Truth about the R⭐️A Project, art by Akira Ito.


SweetCupcake2014/SweetCupcake2014 (Tumblr) did an amazing comic-style redraw of the scene where Téa confronts Seto while they’re trapped in Noah’s virtual world. It includes some new scenes, too! Here’s a sneak peek of Part 1; you can find the rest of it, along with Part 2 on Tumblr.

Here’s more from SweetCupcake2014: a beautiful fanart using the theme “raindrops.” There’s a little story to accompany the art, too!

Seto Kaiba and Anzu Mazaki stand on a rainy street in Domino. Seto Kaiba looks up to the night sky, while Anzu reaches out a hand to Seto. Art by SweetCupcake2014/EmiliziaContent on Tumblr.
“It’s… so beautiful—” by EmiliziaContent on Tumblr

Both of them stared at the sky, like the whole world had stopped. Kaiba wondered why in the first place was he standing near one of Yugi’s friends, the cheerleader. 

“Hey Kaiba, have you ever wondered how rain can calm you and wash away all the pain and sorrow?”  Téa asked.

Hmph, seems to me it’s just a waste of my time. If you’re planning to stay and get yourself sick, then I’m getting out of here.” The young CEO’s boots started to splash through the small puddles of water scattered across the streets of Domino.

Then why don’t you be my guest?” With a small smirk, Kaiba turned around to see that this… girl can actually shine brighter now than anything he’s ever seen. 

[Some text may have been edited for clarity.]

Sharksmirk has done some amazing art for Azure Week, using the themes “reunion” and “invitation.” Here’s the story behind these images:

“Seto bumps into Anzu when they’re both in their late 20s, and offers to give her a lift since his therapist told him he needs to stop being a dick to people. They never get to where they were originally going as cabrio’s are just too much fun.”

SharkSmirk, 2020

Meromeroyui (a.k.a. LuckyLadybug on FFnet and InsaneLadybug on DW) has done some fanart, too; here are the black-and-white versions of art for “raindrops” and “falling leaves” in the first piece, and “excuse me” in the second (because the theme image for the latter featured an offended looking cat! Thanks Meromeroyui for using that idea)! Check out her DeviantART to (eventually) see the color versions of these!

We also got some art by DragoniaX on DeviantART, the first black-and-white piece for “the sound of waves,” and the second color piece for “under the moon.”

Azure Week might happen right as it becomes autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, but here’s a Christmas-inspired mini comic/meme, also from DragoniaX, for the theme “reunion.”

Anzu, wearing a Santa hat and singing into a microphone: "'L' is for the way you look at me..." In the next panel, she winks and adds "'O' is for the only one I see," while in the third panel, she's standing before Seto Kaiba, an unamused Atem in the background (while other members of the gang hang out in the background). "'V' is very very extraordinary," Anzu sings. In the final split panel, Anzu and Seto prepare to sing the final letter of the song ("'E' is for...") together when Atem interrupts with "Exodia Obliterate!" In the background, a bug-eyed Seto exclaims "Dammit Atem!" Black and white art by DragoniaX on DeviantART, song lyrics from L•O•V•E" composed by Bert Kaempfert with (most of the) lyrics by Milt Gabler, and popularized by Nat King Cole.
Art by DragoniaX


Did you know that many of the themes for Azure Week 2020 were decided on the official Forum? While some themes are repeats from 2018, others are brand-new, including a few inspired by songs. Here’s a special “two-disc” set of tracks we think fit pretty well for the Azureshipping pairing.

Disc 1: Vocals features tracks with lyrics, sung by a variety of different artists across many genres. Disc 2: Instrumentals features songs without any singing/talking, but the songs are not instrumental versions of the tracks on Disc 1. The bonus tracks don’t fit any particular theme (necessarily), but are excellent Azureshipping songs!

Azure Week 2020: The Fanmix (Art by Sharksmirk, Arranged by Azurite)

Disc 1: Vocals

  1. warm by the fire • feels like fire • santana feat. dido
  2. raindrops • drops of jupiter • train
  3. falling leaves • been too long • emmy rossum
  4. game night • all the right moves • onerepublic
  5. something human • something human • muse
  6. under the moon • under the milky way • sia
  7. reunion • when can i see you again • owl city
  8. excuse me • silent all these years • tori amos
  9. invitation • vox populi • 30 seconds to mars
  10. trapped • moonlight shadow • mike oldfield
  11. the sound of waves • only an ocean away • sarah brightman
  12. reflection • mirrors & smoke • jars of clay
  13. perfect blue • blue • hikaru utada
  14. right place, right time • right place, right time • olly murs
Azure Week 2020: The Fanmix Track Listing (Art by Sharksmirk, Arranged by Azurite)

Disc 2: Instrumentals

  1. warm by the fire • the fire • imogen heap
  2. raindrops • distant soft rain • rain sounds
  3. falling leaves • fallen leaves • motoi sakuraba
  4. game night • sing, sing, sing • benny goodman
  5. something human • finished symphony • hybrid
  6. under the moon • moondance • nightwish
  7. reunion • together again • dave koz
  8. excuse me • coming home • palomino duck
  9. invitation • exotica • paul taylor
  10. trapped • warriors • ronan hardiman
  11. the sound of waves • eternity: memory of the light & waves • noriko matsueda & takahito eguchi
  12. reflection • glass from jasper • roedelius
  13. perfect blue • blue dragon <’07 ver> • hiroyuki sawano
  14. right place, right time • time lapse • ludovico einaudi

bonus tracks

  • ruin my life • zara larsson
  • a real hero • college feat. electric youth
  • falling • florence + the machine
  • arms • christina perri

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