Azure Week 2021: Celestial
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    The 2021 Azure Week Master List was last updated on December 31, 2021. Some videos that were showing up as “unavailable” have been added from alternative sources, and all videos should now have their own thumbnails.


    • Twilight of a Friend by LuckyLadybug |
      Theme: In Search of the Full Moon
      Rating: K+
      Warnings/Other Info: Tragedy/Hurt/Comfort
      Summary: A missing scene from my story And in the Darkness Bind Them. Téa and Seto try to deal with their feelings after a recent friend sacrifices himself to save them and everyone else in the group.


    Artist Meromeroyui (a.k.a. LuckyLadybug) explains of her piece, In The Land of Twilight, “I lobbied for the prompt possibility In the Land of the Twilight to definitely be included, and it’s certainly giving me plunnies.

    What we have here is a scene from my YGO DM and YGO 5Ds crossover story And in the Darkness Bind Them. The Classic characters have become friends with 5Ds characters Kalin Kessler and Radley Ramon over the course of several adventures together.

    At this point in the fic, Radley has been forced to sacrifice himself to save everyone else. I didn’t really show Téa’s and Seto’s reactions to that in the fic too much, so that is what this is. The twilight, then, is symbolic as well as literal. Téa, of course, is heartbroken for a friend to be dead. Seto originally was glaring into the distance, but when I inked it he ended up looking sad instead, and I guess that is actually more powerful, for him to have changed to that extent to be and look sad.

    His arm was hurt when he was attacked by a mind-controlled Regulus the lion (although I’m not positive it wasn’t his left arm in the fic).

    I actually prefer Seto’s season 1 clothes, so he’s wearing that, and I had an urge to draw Téa in her season 1 clothes likewise, but this is really post-series.”

    @martistforlife, a.k.a. Maia Ann is a talented fanartist, mangaka, piano composer and musician, and much more. She created several pieces for Azure Week 2021, seen above, in a brightly colored, often “chibi” style. Be sure to check her out on both Instagram and YouTube!

    Seto as Antony and Anzu as Cleopatra in Ancient Egypt. Art by Sharksmirk on Tumblr.

    Sharksmirk on Tumblr looked at the theme of “star-crossed lovers” and felt compelled to illustrate a famous couple: Antony and Cleopatra! She also followed up this beautiful art with an amusing comic starring Seto and Atem…


    @martistforlife, a.k.a. Maia Ann, composed and sang this song, “Millennium Lovers,” which she describes thusly:

    [“Millennium Lovers” is about] a story that I was so moved (Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining by DramaQueen95) and wept that I decided to make a love song of instant sadness with a song in the shadow of “Yu-Gi-Oh!”

    The theme (from a story written by fans of “Yu-Gi-Oh”): Imagine two lovers in Ancient Egypt: The man is indifferent and seemingly cold-hearted…because he has experienced tragedy.

    Similarly, the woman has also [experienced] this kind of darkness. However, like the man, she, too, is headstrong and determined. In other words, within him she can see [his] true colors, not a heart that is cold like ice.

    But, a war between Egypt and Sparta [breaks out and], in the end, the woman dies to [protect] the man, and the man kills himself out of grief.

    Even so, thousands of years later, their modern-day reincarnations must find that ancient love that their Egyptian selves once possessed. (Truly intriguing, I think!)

    In short, this story is like Shakespeare’s tragedy “Romeo and Juliet.” 😁 Therefore, I want to write this song to signify the bittersweet circumstances.

    Moreover (yes, to write this song I really tried to think deeply!): Both the first verse and chorus are the woman’s perspective, and both the second verse and chorus are the man’s perspective.

    Also, as for the last five lines, the first two are the woman’s perspective (about eyes, anxiety, and being nearby), the subsequent two are the man’s perspective (about healing cries again, pacing, and racing). These five lines signify as they approach death, while the last line is a combined perspective of both people (because love is eternal).

    Azure Week 2021: Millennium Lovers Original Song inspired by Yu-Gi-Oh! by Maia Ann


    Every year, Azureshippers put together a playlist of songs meant to inspire fanworks featuring our celebrated couple. These songs may not necessarily be directly about the characters, but are tied to our theme(s). This year’s overarching theme was “Celestial,” so we chose songs related to celestial bodies, idioms, and concepts, such as “blue moon” or “star-crossed lovers.” Every individual theme has a corresponding vocal track on Disc 1, and an instrumental or karaoke track on Disc 2.

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    Disc 2: Instrumentals

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