Azure Week 2022 Master List

I’ve scoured the archives, double-checked the tags, and organized all the form submissions… here is the definitive Azure Week 2022 Master List of contributions! I will be providing a direct link(s) to the work and the creator’s profile wherever possible. Questions? Comments? Missed out on submitting via the official Azure Week Submission Form? Please contact me via the Contact Form.

This list was last updated October 5, 2022.

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    Thank you for participating in Azure Week 2022
    Thank You for Participating in Azure Week 2022!


    If you’re unfamiliar with the Rating system used below, here’s a handy guide:

    • G/K = Suitable for All Audiences
    • K+ = Suitable for Older Children (age 9+); This rating is only present on
    • T = Suitable for Teens and Up
    • M = Suitable for Mature/Adult Audiences Only
    • MA/E = Explicit Content. Adults Only; This rating is only present on Archive of Our Own.

    Candles in a Blackout by MoonlightTyger | Archive of Our Own
    Theme: Blackout
    Rating: G/K
    Warnings/Other Info: Anime continuity with some elements borrowed from Dark Side of Dimensions
    Summary: Téa is at the Kaibas’ penthouse when the city has a blackout. 

    Sunrise for a Friend by LuckyLadybug | Archive of Our Own
    Themes: City Lights, Nightmare, Car Ride
    Rating: G/K
    Warnings/Other Info: Takes place in LuckyLadybug’s post-series Pendulum Swings fic universe, after And in the Darkness Bind Them, a crossover fic with Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. It’s a follow-up to her fic from last year, Twilight for a Friend. No 5D’s spoilers, though, but some characters from there are around.
    Summary: Téa still has nightmares about what happened in the Duel Monsters world. And she is not the only one still struggling with those thoughts and feelings. When Seto suggests a little trip to visit their friends, she jumps at the chance.


    Ella Pegasus made these three pieces of jewelry—a Seto Kaiba bracelet in his signature blue, an Anzu bracelet in pink, and a mixed necklace for the two of them!

    We’ve never had a jewelry submission for Azure Week before, so this was a first!


    City Lights by Sharksmirk (Tumblr)

    Once again, sharksmirk comes through with a beautiful piece of fanart for the “city lights” theme this year.

    Since the overarching theme of “City Living” happened to share a name with The Sims 4 expansion pack, I (Azurite) decided to try and make some of our theme images using The Sims!

    You can read more about the custom content (CC) and mods that went into each piece of art on my Tumblr, here:


    Azure Week 2022 is the year of the FANMIX, with multiple submissions for the pairing. Some mixes are simply “Azureshipping,” while others try and stick to a particular theme from this year’s list. Check them out below!


    Just need a quick hit of inspiration? Listen to this playlist and see if it inspires your Azureshipping creations—long or short!

    compiled by MiyuKigg (MonAmie)

    1. talk me down • troye sivan
    2. love song requiem • trading yesterday
    3. say something • a great big world feat. christina aguilera
    4. starboy • the weeknd feat. daft punk
    5. mount everest • labrinth
    6. arms • christina perri
    7. sway • michael bublé
    8. live forever • bazzi
    9. young & beautiful • lana del rey
    10. crossfire • stephen


    compiled by MiyuKiggs (MonAmie)

    If you want something a little bit more “spicy” to inspire your Azureshipping creations, try this fanmix on for size!

    1. lips on you • maroon 5
    2. like you • rosenfeld
    3. same place • joy.
    4. montero (call me by your name) • lil nas x
    5. dirty thoughts • chloe adams
    6. river • bishop briggs
    7. wRoNg • zayn feat. kehlani

    city living

    compiled by MiyuKiggs (MonAmie)

    This playlist was more intentionally curated to fit several of this years’ themes, but it also features a plethora of “bonus tracks” that fit Azureshipping more generally.
    1. blackout • lights down low • max
    2. victory • there’s nothing holdin’ me back • shawn mendes
    3. ignorance • collar full • panic! at the disco
    4. dream • daydreaming • harry styles
    5. city lights • empire state of mind • jay-z, alicia keys
    6. car ride • drive • halsey
    7. defeat • only love can hurt like this • paloma faith
    8. summer lovin’ • run away with me • carly rae jepsen
    9. reflection • in her eyes • josh groban 

    bonus tracks – general azureshipping

    • music for a sushi restaurant • harry styles
    • love me like you do • ellie goulding
    • beg for you • charli xcx feat. rina sawayama
    • whataya want from me • adam lambert
    • i like me better • lauv
    • only love (acoustic) • pvris
    • mind over matter (acoustic) • pvris
    • issues • julia michaels
    • domino • jessie j
    • sunlight • hozier


    by stargazer/morgana

    this mega-playlist originally featured some tracks initially featured on the “albums” above, so they will not be replicated here, for brevity’s sake. but there are still a ton of inspirational songs here for all your Azureshipping feels!

    1. better • loveless
    2. break my heart • dua lipa
    3. harlequin romance • courage my love
    4. jealousy is a familiar friend • reese langsangan
    5. achilles come down • gang of youths
    6. you don’t own me • lesley gore
    7. i feel like i’m drowning • two feet
    8. true love • p!nk feat. lilly allen
    9. black sheep • kailee morgue
    10. emperor’s new clothes • panic! at the disco
    11. orpheus • shawn james
    12. like i need you • keshi
    13. intimate moments • isaac dunbar
    14. scary love • the neighbourhood 
    15. just friends • keshi
    16. lo vas a olvidar (you’ll forget it) • billie eilish feat. rosalía
    17. it had to be you • lara louise, colm ó riain
    18. cadillac, cadillac • train
    19. w.d.y.w.f.m. (what do you want from me?) • the neighbourhood
    20. nervous • the neighbourhood
    21. talk • hozier
    22. la la la • naughty boy, sam smith
    23. let me hear • tomoko tane
    24. are you bored yet? • wallows, clairo
    25. friends • chase atlantic
    26. dancer in the dark • chase atlantic
    27. you were my lantern • plastic patina
    28. leave before you love me • mørfi, besomage, lost culturé, milan gavris
    29. little lies • hilary duff
    30. poison • yas
    31. silent moon • jia peng fang
    32. suiren (a water lily) • jia peng fang
    33. dagger • the hope blister

    city living: reflection/blind

    Ella Pegasus put this fanmix together centered around theme 6: reflection/blind. With seven songs, it’s meant to tell the story of Seto and Anzu realizing they are falling in love with one another, with alternating perspectives (or both, in songs that feature a duet). It’s best listened to in order, rather than shuffled.

    1. fallin’ for you • colbie caillat
    2. hanging by a moment • lifehouse
    3. you and me • lifehouse
    4. mirrors • justin timberlake
    5. never knew i needed • ne-yo
    6. if i never knew you • jon secada & shanice
    7. destiny • jim brickman

    get the fanmixes