• IramAnzu16
    • Why: the video “Azureshipping tribute” uses uncredited (stolen) artwork from artists including Mamono, Lin Kuruzu, Ice Slayer, AshPh0x, Garfours, GoldPrincess, and many, many more. One of those pieces was even a present
      to me!
    • Other: This person seems to be a new offender, not a repeat offender, and I have commented on their video asking that they give credit where credit’s due. Unfortunately, the video uses numerous pieces of artwork by artists I am not familiar with nor do I know where they came from, so I can’t help with finding out the proper credits for them. I hope this person replies to my comment and either gives credit or takes the video down.
  • Ease17
    • Why: the video “Tea/Seto – No One Needs To Know” used uncredited (stolen) artwork from artists including GoldPrincess, Lin Kuruzu, Garfours, and others.
      The vidder even used an icon for a fanfiction of mine, meaning it wasn’t meant to be used anywhere else, let alone without permission! Also, countless banners for BEA were used without a single link back (or even a mention made) of this fanlisting, or the Azureshipping Club on DeviantART.
    • Other: Another possible new offender. It’s sad that so many people seem to think saving images without remembering where you got them from or who did them is just fine, and it’s not anyone’s responsibility to bother looking them images and their source up again before redistributing them in a video with someone else’s name on it! Ugh, well hopefully this person will learn quickly. I sent them a comment asking them to edit out the WDKY icon and give credit by name (and by link) to the other artists, but if not, I’ll report the video to YouTube.
  • AncientMemories
    • Why: Where to begin? This person is a repeat offender who has been very rude, and has even uploaded videos again after YouTube has removed them. Personal messages and comments alike seem to do nothing for this person, who is content with stealing artwork and tacking on poor disclaimers, which are not enough! Example videos include “So Yesterday” and “Everytime We Touch.”
    • Other: This person did make an attempt at giving credit, but all they did was
      use my YouTube account name (azuritemoon) and claim that I said I owned “some or all of the clips.” No, I never said that; clearly they misread, misunderstood, or only skimmed the numerous messages I sent to them about how the images were from my site and I wanted the person to give credit to all
      of the artists whose art was in the video. Another person in the comments of “Everytime We Touch” mentioned how their art was used, and the vidder only said that if it offends the artist, they’re sorry and “please don’t make me take
      the video down.” I had already reported this video before (and I believe it got taken down), so obviously they care a great deal for their videos, but if they want them to stay up, they should give proper credit! If this person continues to steal from artists without credit, I’ll be contacting YouTube again and asking them to ban the user’s account and/or IP address.
  • Other Offenders: Mazakai, AnzuTealover (Ultimate You), MichiruTenoh (Seto and Tea, Azureshipping), ShizukaKaiba (Anzu and Seto can’t help it), BloodTalon (Anzu and Seto Kaiber), postenisfun (SetoXAnzu Hope Your Happy)