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Banner featuring Anzu Mazaki (Téa Gardner) and Seto Kaiba from the hit series Yu-Gi-Oh! Text reads "Azure Week 2020"

Azure Week 2020 Kicks Off Tomorrow, September 16!

We could all use something fun and engaging during these hectic times, right? With that in mind, I’m happy to announce the return of Azure Week for 2020!

Azure Week falls between September 16th and the 22nd annually, between Anzu/Téa’s birthday on August 18 and Seto’s birthday on October 15. During that week, fans of the pairing (Azureshippers) are encouraged to write, draw, muse, sketch, assemble—or whatever creative verb comes to mind—anything Azureshipping, using one or more of the fourteen themes fans decided on for this year.

The themes don’t come in any particular order, and there’s no requirement to use all of them; you can pick your favorite one, two, four, or fourteen! You can create one fanwork, or three, or however many you please. Just remember to tag it with #AzureWeek2020 so your fellow Azureshippers can find it.

This year, I’m spearheading the celebration, with the help of interested fans on the Azure Week forum on You can check out the Azure Week page here on Blue Eyes and Apricots for more information, including this year’s themes, extra challenges, and how to submit your URLs so they’ll get featured here on an Azure Week 2020 Master List!

Are you already a member of Blue Eyes and Apricots? If you like, I’ll be happy to designate you as an Azure Week 2020 participant with a special badge on your account. Just make sure your the name attached to your Azure Week submission matches the one you signed up to the fanlisting with.

I’ve started giving people a visual sneak peek at the themes on Twitter and Tumblr , but you can see all the theme images I created right here:

New layout coming soon!

How is everyone doing lately? I’ll freely admit that sometimes maintaining as many sites as I do on the Seventh Star Network can get a bit daunting, but if there’s one site I will NEVER let die, it’s this one. I love Seto Kaiba x Anzu Mazaki/Téa Gardner way too much! ❤ That’s why I plan on creating an all-new layout for Blue Eyes and Apricots soon. Comment below if you have any thoughts on what the theme of the new layout should be! I have some ideas already in mind, but I’d love to hear yours!

I’m also hoping to blog more frequently on all of my fanlisting sites (or, if I haven’t established a blog on a fanlisting site, blogging on Azurelist, the Fanlisting Collective for the Seventh Star Network. One of the things that I’m looking forward to discussing on here is what everyone is doing in fandom these days. Are you reading fic? Creating art? Enjoying fanmixes? I want to know!

Azureshipping Fic Update

I’ve been reading many great Azureshipping fics lately, and dabbling in fandoms that strongly remind me of the dynamic between Seto and Anzu. I’ve also been WRITING again! ? You can find my newest Azureshipping fics on both and Archive of Our Own. Keep an eye out for Mayonaka no Rendezvous, my first attempt at a first-person POV, delving into Anzu’s thoughts just after the events of Battle City; Tremors, a post-Egypt Duel Monsters anime fic featuring Anzu and Seto coping with the events of a natural disaster; Voice, a 30kisses LJ community-inspired fic, using the theme “say ahh,” where Malik’s plans in Battle City have near-fatal consequences for Anzu; Thrice Gone, another post-Egypt anime fic where the Kaiba brothers learn more about Anzu (and what they learn is NOT what they expected!), and of course, more for What Doesn’t Kill You, The Rose Chronicles, and more.

Announcing Azure Week!

With the help of several other Azureshippers, I am happy to announce the first-ever

Azure Week!

What’s Azure Week?

It’s a weeklong celebration of all things Azureshipping, from September 16 – 22, 2018 (and hopefully every year on those dates)!

The theme for this first Azure Week is “renewal,” and we’re voting on daily themes now! Cast your vote on what themes you’d like to be featured as part of Azure Week 2018, and then help create Azureshipping works that fit those themes!

Works? What sort of works?

Anything you can think of! Fanart, fanfiction, comics, cosplay photos, dolls, essays, mood boards, fan soundtracks or fanmixes, anime music videos, meta analyses, headcanons, plot bunnies…

Where should I post these works?

Post wherever you’re comfortable sharing. But a few recommendations are:

If you post your works elsewhere, let me know in the comments so I can add it to this list, especially if there are other Azureshipping works there!

Don’t forget to tag your works with #azureweek or #azureweek2018 and #azureshipping so fellow fans can find them!

Comments? Questions? Let me know!