So why DO you like Seto and Anzu together? Whether it’s romantic, platonic, or both, everyone’s got their reasons… and here are just a few.

Graphical Evidence

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Most fans of Seto and Anzu know that they’ll never get together in canon– not even in their wildest dreams. It’s a sad fact, but a true one, especially since both the Yu-Gi-Oh manga and anime have already ended, with Yu-Gi-Oh! GX not featuring any of the main cast (though we can still look to Yu-Gi-Oh! R for fun…)

All the same, we like to nitpick about canon facts that could lead to them becoming a couple, should the series continue…

Thus, we offer evidence in support of our argument (Seto and Anzu belong together!). If you have evidence you’d like to submit, please include the same kind of info you’d supply if submitting a quote (episode number/name or arc; manga volume/page number or Shounen Jump volume/page number).

Please note that submissions may be adapted for length or clarity, and changes may be made to correct spelling or grammar.

    • Sphinx – It’s the fact that they are both complimentary opposites. Both of them different but not so much that it’s unrealistic. They are alike, but different at the same time. They play off each other in a way that fits together quite nicely. He’s ice, she’s fire. He’s an all-around jerk. She’s a spitfire that won’t take any crud from anyone. Both of them are loyal to a fault to those dear to them and stubborn. Persistent is in there too. Dueling, Anzu is not as strong skill-wise as Seto or Yuugi or Jounouchi, but enough to still pack a punch, when she plays her cards right. (forgive the pun, hehehe) Throughout the series both of them help each other at various times: Duelist Kingdom, Battle City to name the most prominent, so both of them have something to be thankful to the other for. 😉
    • Adapted from Lily – In Episode 143 when the Alcatraz Duel Tower explodes, Anzu cries out “Kaiba-kun! Mokuba-kun!” Anzu is one of the few (Yuugi being the other) who calls Kaiba using an honorific, which is similar to Mr. and Mrs. in English. However, in Japanese, the use (or lack thereof) of an honorific can imply either an intimate relationship or plain old rudeness. When Jounouchi refers to Kaiba (by name), he usually drops an honorific, because he’s insulting Kaiba. -kun is one honorific used, typically for younger males. Anzu does NOT use it for Jounouchi, Honda, or Yuugi. But after all Kaiba’s done to them all, why would she feel the need to be polite to him or his brother? One can only wonder…
    • Adapted from animefanatickid25 – When Kaiba is dueling Noa during the Virtual World arc (Season 3) and manages to take a good chunk out of Noa’s life points, Anzu cheers very loudly. Now, you would think anyone would, given that Noa wants to take over their bodies and leave them for dead in his underwater fortress, but wouldn’t Anzu have something more to worry about– like, say, her friends getting turned to stone? She must have a lot of faith to cheer in Kaiba despite this very real threat against her!
    • From Jenn Claire – I think it’s rather obvious that Seto and Anzu make a good couple; just look back at the part  where she actually saved him from falling! She also chewed him out at Duelist Kingdom, and at Battle City when the crate
      was over her head, and Kaiba was thinking, “I can’t do anything to help them [Yugi and Joey], or Téa will be killed” and then he stopped that Rare Hunter from pushing the button [that controlled the crate] with his BEWD card, and she didn’t even thank him! But he knew she thanked him in his mind probably,
      just she didn’t wanna say it in front of the guys.
    • From Atenezau – In Episode 78 (dub: Friends Till The End), Yugi is forced to duel Joey because Joey got brainwashed by Marik. To make sure Yugi duels, he brainwashed Anzu into sitting in a chair and had her secured under a crate suspended by a crane with a bomb in it. A rare Hunter at the scene is commanded to let the crate fall if anyone interferes with the match. In the middle of the match, Seto gets in touch with somebody over an intercom system connected up to his white coat. A Kaibacorp helicopter arrives and, under remote control, flies towards the crane which is suspending the crate over Anzu’s head. As the Rare Hunter prepares to push the switch, Seto draws his Blue-Eyes White Dragon card and throws it at the Hunter cutting into the Hunter’s hand and knocking the switch out of his hand. As the chopper pulls the crane into the sea, where the bomb detonates safely, the gang rush over and free Anzu from the chair where she had been secured.
    • From Enchantessy – When Yugi duels Rebecca shortly after Duelist Kingdom ends, after Yugi surrenders, in the very end of the episode, they show the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card as it gently falls to the floor. Another card falls gently right on top of it– the card that Yugi gave to Rebecca, called “The Ties of Friendship”. Symbolism, perhaps? Everyone knows that Kaiba’s signature cards are the BEWDs, and that Téa is big on supporting friendship!

Submit Evidence in Support of Seto and Anzu!

Why Seto and Anzu – Azurite’s View

Forgive me for this being a bit long… but hey, I’m the site owner. Don’t I get some leeway? ^_^;

In Yu-Gi-Oh, romance isn’t a focal point– in fact, since the series was originally “shounen,” or aimed towards younger boys, it centers more on action than romance. However, that doesn’t stop fangirls such as myself from theorizing… The fact of the matter is, in the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom, there are many pairings– but few of them are canon. Some of the pairings considered “canon,” or actually PLAUSIBLE in the series include Yuugi (Yugi) and Anzu (Téa), Yami and Anzu, Jounouchi (Joey) and Mai, and…???

Go to any Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction archive (namely Fanfiction.net or MediaMiner.org) and you’re bound to find hoardes of yaoi/shounen-ai and yuri/shoujo-ai fanfiction. These stories pair off two characters of the same gender– something that is NEVER done in the original Yu-Gi-Oh manga or anime. It’s sad to see the Kazuki Takahashi (the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh)’s characters altered so drastically, and so by looking for more plausible pairings– like Seto and Anzu– we try to keep the fandom and all its fanworks canon!

Seto Kaiba is considered ruthless, callous, but loyal to a fault. He’s stubborn, reticent, and on more than one count, a bit crazy. But he’s had a painful past, and he leans on Duel Monsters as something he can truly be the best at. That is, until small Yuugi Mutou (Yugi Moto) came along and beat him. His pride wounded, Kaiba set out to defeat Yuugi through any means possible. In the manga (comic book) he was much more sadistic, taking extreme measures to defeat Yuugi and teach him the same humiliation he experienced. However, in the anime, the kidnapping of his brother prevents Kaiba’s actions from becoming too drastic, and so he sets out to save his brother.

Anzu Mazaki is often dubbed the “cheerleader” of Yuugi’s group– the group consisting of Yuugi, Jounouchi, and Honda. Recent additions to the group include Shizuka Jounouchi (Serenity Wheeler), Ryuuji Otogi (Duke Devlin), and Mai Kujaku (Mai Valentine). Despite being the only girl in the group (until Mai and Shizuka “joined”), Anzu still gets along with the guys perfectly– probably because she’s a bit of a tomboy. Originally, Jounouchi and Honda liked to tease Yuugi, and, being his friend from elementary school, Anzu always stood up for him. When the boys finally become friends, Anzu acts as a peacemaker of sorts between them all– caring for each one of them despite their differences. She’s incredibly
loyal, and pretty stubborn in her own right; and though she’s not a seasoned duelist as Kaiba, Yuugi, and Jounouchi are, she still plays– and still packs a punch. She’s also the only person to stand up to Seto Kaiba’s own brand of bull-headedness; at Duelist Kingdom, it was she who chewed him out about the value of life.

While it would definitely take some doing, fangirls (and guys!) around the world recognize that Seto Kaiba and Anzu Mazaki would make one heck of a couple. If she’s fire; he’s ice. If he’s dark, she’s light. They complement and contrast each other in many ways, and, as a bonus, he doesn’t have a split personality like some other “heroes” we know…

Why Seto and Anzu – Mamono’s View

Well, I like Anzu because of her never give up attitude, and the way she’s always cheering people on; there aren’t many people like that in the world today. I like Seto… well, aside from the obvious reasons, because of his steadfast resolve and his all-around frigid atmosphere. I think it’s wicked! So yeah, I think the two make an uber-cute couple; in a way, they watch out for each other, you know?

Why Seto and Anzu – Utena-chan’s View

They balance each other even if they don’t realize it. I think she could break those walls he built around himself and he would protect her far better than the others.

Why Seto and Anzu – Chaos Val’s View

Both are strong, brave, loyal, and deeply committed to the people they care about. Plus, Anzu is the only person who is truly Seto’s equal – personality and maturity-wise.

Why Seto and Anzu – akaVertigo’s View

Because who says I can’t?

Why Seto and Anzu – Lin Kuruzu’s View

It’s the ‘opposites attract” thing. Anzu is so free-spirited like fire, while Kaiba’s the cold-hearted ice block. =P

Also because the very first Yu-Gi-Oh episode that I saw was the last part of Kaiba and Yugi’s duel in Duelist Kingdom– the one where Kaiba was on the edge of the tower and Anzu is trying to stop Yugi from attacking… and she gave Kaiba that speech.

Since then, I’ve been full 100% S x A!

I just really like how many fic writers try to put these two together. My favorites would be the ones where Anzu has a dark secret, Seto finds out, he helps Anzu, then Mokuba gets them closer together… that kind of thing.

Also they are like kindred spirits; Kaiba learns from Anzu; Anzu learns from Kaiba, whatever that may be… but overall, I just wuv them!

Why Seto and Anzu – Julz’s View

It’s the contrast thing, like what Azurite says. In a way they kind of blend in with each other, despite that their personalities are the exact opposite. If Seto’s ready to fly off the handle,
Téa can cool him off. If Téa’s smart enough, she can use her own wit to gradually change his arrogant self back to the person he was before Gozaburo changed him. Even though they’re practically non-canon, there’s still HOPE! They do look cute together…much better than Yugi/Anzu, in my opinion. GO S/A!

Why Seto and Anzu – blu icee fyre’s View

The pairing really appeals to me because they….they just fit so well together. I mean, Anzu is the opposite of Kaiba, but it is said that opposites attract. Kaiba’s life is filled up w/ work and talking to clients and running his company, and it takes over his life. If they had the chance to be together, Anzu would definitely show him that there is much more to life than what he is used to, and he would actually act his age and have fun and not be burdened by his responsibilities 24/7.

Submit YOUR opinions why Seto and Anzu go together!

All you have to do is email me your reasons and your member name. The only rules we have regarding your reasons is that they be G-rated and checked for grammar and spelling to the best of your ability. No l33t speak or anything like that.

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