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Love Kaleidoscope (Momochan) – 5/5 Star Chips

It’s really great in the way that it actually ends when Seto and Anzu get together. I find fics that have Anzu and Seto as girlfriend and boyfriend in the beginning kind of uniform. I mean, the whole fun of an Azureshipping fanfic is writing about how the two get together. It kinda gets boring after that… -_-…

Anyway, it’s also very unique and keeps the two teens IN CHARACTER. OHMYBOB. ^^; It’s hard to do, I know, but Momochan does it, and all of her reviewers love her for it. ^^

I believe Love Kaleidoscope to be one of the best AnzuxSeto fics ever, with just a few flaws
that no one would notice anyway. (^^;) There is absolutely nothing to irk a reader, really, in the whole fic besides a couple of spelling errors. There is no OOCness, no Mary-Sues, and, yes, there IS a good and well thought out plot. Huzzah! Furthermore, Seto does not immediately fall for Anzu at first sight, like many Azureshipping fics have him do. Neither does he fall for Anzu quickly, but it is more of a subtle love. And, also unlike most SetoxAnzu fics, Anzu does not stand in the rain and hitch a ride in Seto’s limo. Yegods, the horrid cliches.

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