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January 3rd, 2006 – Links added and fixed


Whole Again (Aryll) – 3/5 Star Chips

For starters, any fic taking place in Egypt has my attention.¬†The thing that irks me is a lack of creativity where names and¬†research are concerned; while we might not know 100% if Anzu¬†was ever incarnated back in Egypt, it wouldn’t kill Aryll to¬†come up with an Egyptian name, or HECK, to even play with our¬†minds a bit and make her, say… Kisara? You know, the infamous¬†BEWD Girl?

In this AR, Anzu takes Seto and Mokuba in, and discovers that¬†Seto was out to kill the Pharaoh. But that plot doesn’t last¬†long at all; after all, the pharaoh is veeery compassionate,¬†and even allows Seto to become his high priest! The fic has got¬†potential, but it’s skewed in too many directions to be able¬†to tell where it’s headed.

As The Clock Ticks On (DixieGoddess) Р4/5 Star Chips

I *love* dance fics. DixieGoddess has not only captured Anzu’s¬†spirit, but Seto’s almost IMPOSSIBLE character. With just the¬†right blend of romance and humor, DG has a fic that, while a¬†little hard to believe (a 24 hour dance competition??? I’ve been¬†in a 24-hour playathon, but we *were* allowed to sleep…), is¬†fluffy and sweet. I do hope she continues this!

Melting a Heart of Ice (xIchigox) – 3/5 Star Chips

Okay, so it starts out a bit stereotypical, with the “gang” together¬†and Seto getting into a fight with Joey– that is, until something¬†unexpected happens, and Seto saves T√©a from nearly getting¬†hit by a car. And then, everything they knew changes…

It sounds like a great plot, but unfortunately xIchigox needs¬†work with her spelling and grammar. People seem to think that¬†the basics of the English are no big deal, and if people can¬†understand your fic, it’s enough. Sorry to say, if you can’t¬†spell or write properly, then your fic shouldn’t be published,¬†and isn’t worth my time, let alone a review. This fic *is* good¬†and has potential, but it needs tweaking.

Triangle (Chikorita-Trainer1) Р4/5 Star Chips

Simplicity is at its best in this three-chapter fic that takes¬†a look at the possibility of ¬†Mokuba liking T√©a as more¬†than a friend. Admittedly, it gets a bit OOC in some parts, with¬†how “violently” Mokuba reacts to certain truths, and¬†likewise with how the romance grows between Seto and T√©a…¬†but it’s still a very well written fic, and definitely worth
a read.

Hi, That’s Not My Sister (ShinakaStar) – 4/5 Star Chips

An AU, this fic looks at a different Seto and Anzu than the¬†ones we know. In SS’s world, Anzu was orphaned young, and Seto’s¬†family took her in… only to have her foster father, and Seto’s¬†biological dad die before her adoption could be processed. As¬†we all know, Gozaburo took Seto and Mokuba in… and Anzu, as¬†well. With a different life, there are different twists…

Like brother and sister, Anzu and Seto have a relationship like no otherРyet it still maintains the original characters we know from the series. To top things off, Jounouchi has a die-hard crush on AnzuРsomething that irks Seto to no end. A great story with just the right blend of humor and romance, it will leave you asking for more! Albeit the lack of Mai is disconcerting, it *is* an AU, and the eventual fight between Seto and Jounouchi is just too much to pass up.

When a Dancer meets a President (Kattran) Р2/5 Star Chips

The title really doesn’t do this fic justice; as a matter of¬†fact, it seems to have little to do ¬†with the story at all. And,¬†point in fact, Seto isn’t a president, he’s a CEO. That and,¬†he and T√©a have already MET before. Long before this story¬†takes place, even.

What is interesting is how Seto finds himself crushing on T√©a,¬†and he still maintains his character– slightly. The introduction¬†of a potential rival in T√©a’s dance partner -Luke- detracts¬†from the story some, but he doesn’t play a large role.

The story is rather rough around the edges, needing a lot more¬†description and a lot less pointless dialogue, but it’s a fun¬†read, and one that DOES make you wonder what will happen next.

Unexpected Relationships (Aiko Midori) Р2/5 Star Chips

Well, the initial plot (Téa goes to New York) is a bit clichéd, and ends almost abruptly as it  starts; an entire school year or more seems to pass by within a few paragraphs. Some of the characters seem a bit scripted (Mai, in particular), so characterization is definitely something Aiko Midori should work on.

I’m not sure exactly what it was that kept me reading– maybe¬†the promise of a Seto/T√©a coupling. I like it when authors¬†know what’s going to happen before they start to write. I know¬†not everyone does, and that’s how inspiration works sometimes…¬†and announcing your ideas to the world isn’t always the best¬†either, but it seems in many anime fandoms, it’s safer just to¬†come outright and say what your pairing will be. The one thing¬†that really irks me is an author that “sucks up” for¬†reviews, not knowing where their story will go without the say-so¬†of reviewers. Don’t write if you don’t have your major plot direction
planned out– and where romances are concerned, it’s a big deal¬†if you don’t know who will get paired up with who in The End.

Again, characterization in UR needs a lot of work, but otherwise,¬†it’s a cute story.

After Every Darkness (Aiko Midori) Р3/5 Star Chips

The thing that got me confused was how the author claims the¬†story is a sequel to ‘A Twist of Fate’ when no such story exists¬†in her profile. I assume she changed the name of ‘Unexpected¬†Relationships’ early on, but neglected to make the change in¬†the AED summary– it’s not that hard.

Slightly better than its predecessor, this fic takes a closer¬†look at the romantic relationship between Seto and T√©a–¬†though at times both of them seem irritatingly OOC. The storyline,
however, is fresh– at least, for the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom. T√©a¬†has lost her memory in an accident, and a couple that lost their¬†own daughter to leukemia trick her into thinking that she is their daughter,¬†Amika Mazaki! A clever usage of the name, and interesting to¬†see how T√©a’s memory returns (though I think she should¬†have stuck with ‘Anzu,’ rather than ‘Amika.’)

Aside from a greater focus on characterization, the story also needs work where formatting is concernedРextensive gaps between paragraphs and line breaks gets to be irritating. ALWAYS PREVIEW YOUR STORIES! FFnet removes a lot of HTML, and changes plain text and DOC files, so make sure it looks the way you want before uploading.

The only other thing that bothered me was the age– by all rights¬†and purposes, T√©a would have been 16 or 17 in the car¬†accident, and have just turned 16 when she first went to ¬†America¬†(in the prequel fic). Thus, by AED, she’d be 18– after all,¬†Seto is also that age, and the large gap between T√©a’s “death” and¬†Amika’s reappearance isn’t necessary. True, getting over the¬†loss of a loved one takes time, but the story would be more plausible¬†if the author didn’t insist on so many years having gone by.

Unfinished! And at a critical point, too! *pouts*

Love and Pain (Taichi Prime) – 3/5 Star Chips

A few spelling and grammar errors are noticeable early on, but¬†the initial formatting and story grabs you immediately. The story¬†isn’t boring flat out; the author uses sound devices, sensations,¬†and descriptions to put you into the story– or at least, watching¬†the action from a few meters away.

The characterization needs a bit of work; Taichi Prime jumps¬†almost immediately from T√©a’s rather scripted thoughts¬†(‘Why do I let him do this to me? Oh I know. It’s because
I am too weak, too afraid to fight, to tell. Why would he say he loves me if he does this? Slapping me, punching me and touching me the way he does. He is supposed to be my uncle for goodness sake!
‘) to Seto Kaiba. It has room for a lot more emotional¬†development- something to truly grab the reader and give them¬†someone to identify with.

What’s interesting is that by the second chapter, a new subplot¬†has arisen– does T√©a have a past she doesn’t remember?¬†Who is Teana? By the second chapter, the author doesn’t spend¬†as much time with formatting, spelling, and grammar as before,¬†which is unfortunate, since it detracts from the story.

Blue Eyes (Chichi5) – 3/5 Star Chips

Review coming soon!

Something Precious (Black Night Kitty) – 4/5 Star Chips

An excellent and intriguing AU from the start, BNK brings us¬†the story of Anzu Mazaki (though her name is unfortunately misspelled¬†at first) — a teenage mother. What is even more interesting¬†than the fact that she goes to work for Seto Kaiba is the identity¬†of her child’s father– one Yami. And her child is Yugi!

It’s irritating how the POV switches suddenly from Anzu’s to¬†3rd person; an author should decide from the very beginning whose¬†POV a story will be in. It’s one thing to switch from one person’s¬†1st person POV to another, but 1st person to 3rd? It’s a bit¬†awkward.

The descriptions are nice, though a lacking of character interaction¬†provides any real interesting dialogue. Also, BNK refers to Shizuka¬†as ‘Shizuka Katsuya,’ when Jounouchi is her surname; Katsuya¬†is her brother’s name!

Some spelling and grammar errors, but otherwise a cute fic that should be finished!

How Would You Like Your TEA, Mr. Kaiba? (Andi-Chan) Р3/5 Star Chips

Review coming soon!

Something a Little Different (Tamereth) Р3/5 Star Chips

Review coming soon!

Visions of Love (Umiko Morimoto) Р3/5 Star Chips

Review coming soon!

Returning Faith (Ayrll) – 2/5 Star Chips

Review coming soon!

Stuck With Glue (Kookey) – ?/5 Star Chips

Review coming soon!

Starting Over Again (w-cat) – 2/5 Star Chips

Review coming soon!

Burning Cold (Blue-Kool-Aid) – 3/5 Star Chips

Review coming soon!

Help Me (Ferret Girl) Р2/5 Star Chips

Review coming soon!

Living a Nightmare (w-cat) – 2/5 Star Chips

Review coming soon!

At the End of the Day (Serena4) Р4/5 Star Chips

Review coming soon!

To Dance on Shattered Crystal (Serendipity1) Р4/5 Star Chips

Review coming soon!

Before I Fell Over the Rainbow (Giggleplex) Р4/5 Star Chips

Review coming soon!

In The Sands of Egypt (Mamono) Р4/5 Star Chips

From the very beginning, this fic had me hooked- and not just¬†because Mamono is one of my greatest supporters and a BEA member!¬†She’s also a very talented author whose descriptions of setting¬†and action really put you into the story.

An original plot combined with in-character dialogue, and a slew of mysteries waiting to be unraveled make ISE an exciting fic to read.

If only she would update more often! ;_;

Shake Your Tail Feathers (Atlantis2) – 4/5 Star Chips

Despite the somewhat cheesy title, Atlantis again brings out a fic of stunning quality, with excellent descriptions and tidbits that make her all the more knowledgeable.

Set several years into the future, T√©a and Seto are now¬†both grown– and fully aware of a more adult world than they’ve¬†known before. While T√©a’s crush on Seto is a bit unfounded,¬†the two still manage to have a snappy rapport that is both steamy¬†and funny.

I only wish there were more to it.

Riddles of the Heart (Atlantis2) – 4/5 Star Chips

Ah, finally, an AR! Sort of. So in this, T√©a and Seto¬†have an age gap between them… and T√©a harbors a secret¬†that could mean the end of the life she’s known for so many years.¬†An intriguing plot, to be sure!

T√©a’s two sisters are downright adorable, though I’m¬†beginning to see now why the “T√©a’s parents die,¬†Seto comforts her because he knows the feeling” plot is¬†clich√©d. Atlantis did it, I did it… and so have lots¬†of other authors. Still, Atlantis keeps it fresh with her trademark
steam, and a touch of humor like we’ve never seen before. The¬†characterization and description is wonderful, as always with¬†Atlantis’ fics, and the dialogue brings everything together.¬†It’s unfinished though, and I’m desperate to know what will¬†become of T√©a, now a CEO and Seto Kaiba’s girlfriend!

The Difference One Person Can Make (Tears in Heaven) Р3/5 Star Chips

Review coming soon!

Walking Through Despair (Englasu) – 4/5 Star Chips

Review coming soon!

Heal Me (Ayrll) – 3/5 Star Chips

What got my attention from the beginning was the fact that this was a Seto/Téa/Joey triangle. I wanted to see how the author could plausibly pull off an Téa/Joey without making them too OOC. And the author does do thatРat first.

T√©a, always caring for others, finds herself caught between¬†two people who both desperately need her help… and her own¬†heart. T√©a’s characterization is quite good, as is Seto’s,¬†though Joey’s is rather unpredictable, leaving something to be¬†desired. However, there is a good plot, and the author has demonstrated¬†her ability at gripping readers with a cliffhanger!

Ballet Shoes (summonedskull007) – 4/5 Star Chips

A great fic in the making! summonedskull007 has captured T√©a’s¬†vibrant personality and her total determination… and that part¬†of every girl that refuses to admit her dreams can’t come true.

While sprinkled with a few spelling and grammar errors, the fic¬†is still beautifully in-character, and entices readers for more.¬†A few hints are dropped that make me wonder though… since when¬†did Kaiba have an ex-girlfriend? There are definite parts that¬†need fleshing out, but it’s a great story!

We’ll Meet Again (daisycutters) – 4/5 Star Chips

The first chapter of daisycutter’s story is haunting and perplexing…¬†and once you get to the second chapter, you might find yourself¬†utterly baffled. As far as I can tell, T√©a is a quadriplegic,¬†after having gotten into an as-yet-unknown accident. And between¬†the second chapter and the events of the first (or the thoughts,¬†anyway), a romance developed between Seto and T√©a… one¬†that leads him to take extreme care of T√©a, to the point¬†of an emotional breakdown. Absolutely vivid, and utterly chilling.¬†I WANT MORE!

Playing Tag (Guardian Kysra) Р5/5 Star Chips

I. LOVE. THIS. FIC. What makes it better is that Kysra is a¬†BEA member too! ^_^ In this extremely detailed story of T√©a¬†and Kaiba’s oddly interwoven past, we find that T√©a once¬†harbored a strong crush for the CEO… and was rebuked in the¬†most painful of ways. You’d think that all the duels and all¬†the battles only would have sealed the deal… but T√©a
cherishes her memories, and keeps on a childhood promise to play¬†tag with Kaiba once more. Of course, when he gets into the game…

Beautiful and humorous, a fic well worth a read… and a reread,¬†and another reread! It’s not finished though, so be sure to pester¬†her and tell her to write more!

Once Upon A Halloween (Atlantis2) – 5/5 Star Chips

Written by our very own, in-house Steam Queen, Atlantis captures¬†the sexy side of a romance between Seto and T√©a. Skipping¬†ahead many years from the duelist’s world we all know, T√©a¬†is now in college… and Seto’s busy with KaibaCorp. In a deliciously¬†interesting story twist, everyone’s lives have changed in such¬†a way that T√©a finds her old friends somewhat immature,¬†while Mokuba and Seto’s formerly close relationship is about¬†to go down the hole. That’s when T√©a steps in… and romance¬†ensues.

Unfortunately short, the story makes up in description and story¬†what it lacks in BACKstory. Capturing one night between Seto¬†and T√©a at a Halloween Party Seto throws at his mansion¬†for orphans, we see a rather human side of Seto– who gets utterly¬†turned on by T√©a’s charming ways. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Deception (Thallein) – 4/5 Star Chips

Review coming soon!

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