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Reviews by Mamono

Greetings all! I’m Mamono and I’m the mysterious 3rd member here! *cackles* Anyway, I’m a huge Seto/Anzu fan, actually the first fanfic I read was a Seto/Anzu and I’ve been hooked since then! I’m also a writer, and I have to admit, Seto/Anzu fluff is up there on my favorite things to write about list…

In any event, what I look for in Seto/Anzu fics is a nice descriptive story, a decent plot line(gotta keep in interested), I’m a big fan of the stories that make you think, personally, but I love fics that can produce fluffy scenes while keep the characters IC. So in that case, here are some I thought fit the bill so to speak.

Okay, so if anyone doesn’t agree with what I say, well… tell me! I’d be glad to talk with you, as long as you aren’t flaming me to no end because of my opinion, in which case, I’ll grab a marshmallow and have a snack…

What Doesn’t Kill You (Azurite)

Star Chip Rating: 5/5 Star Chips

So… well when you think of this story, one thing comes to mind: Wow….

Yes, I’d have to say this is one of, if not, the best Seto/Téa fics out there. It totally captures the inner workings of the characters without making them predictable and boring. When I read the first chapter, an extreme dé jà vu vu came to mind, but as I kept reading, I found myself engrossed in the originality of the story.

What I personally enjoy, is that the romance is more fluffy, and doesn’t go into the hot steamy stuff; maybe I’m just old fashioned, but enjoyed fluff much more than steam. Extremely well written, nice long chapters, and a captivating storyline, What Doesn’t Kill You is a must read for Seto/Téa fans.

Can You See Me Now? (Katah)

Star Chip Rating: 4/5 Star Chips

This story makes you think. Even though it’s not an actual Seto/Anzu pairing, it only involves the two. It totally delves into the minds of Seto and Anzu, and it really gives you a new perspective on the characters. I just can’t get enough of the philosophical perspectives in this story, it really sends chills down your spine. The only downside is that this is only a one-shot and there aren’t any notations, so it might get a little confusing, but it’s pretty obvious who’s speaking… Anyway, I thought this story was wonderful and it just… well, read it and see for yourself!