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For everything else that doesn’t have a section here on BEA, we have FUN STUFF! This includes Quotes, Weird Stuff, and Links Out to other websites that you might enjoy.

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We’re looking for quotes from the Yu-Gi-Oh series (anime or manga) involving Seto and Anzu. Specifically, we want ones where both of them are talking to each other, refer to one another, or something similar. Or, it can be one of the characters talking to somebody else ABOUT the other person.

If you submit a quote from the anime, please note whether it is the English dub or the Japanese language anime. And, if possible, please include the episode number/name or arc.

If you submit a quote from the manga, please note what volume of Shounen Jump or what volume graphic novel it is. If possible, please include the chapter name/page number of the quote.

Submit a Quote!

Weird Stuff

And now for something completely different…

Other weird things, such as Seto and/or Anzu related quizzes, or tidbits that don’t belong anywhere else.

Submit them the same way you would anything else on this page! ^_^

Submit Something Weird!

Links Out

We at BEA like to keep track of all the great sites on the web that are related to Yu-Gi-Oh, Seto x Anzu, fanfiction, or whatever else floats our boats. For those sites that are NOT affiliates of BEA or reviewed by our members, here are some random links. If you’ve got something to say about them, please do– we’ll post your review of the site in our Websites section!

  • Blue Eyes and Apricots – A Seto & Anzu Fansite – It’s pure coincidence that this fansite has the same name as our fanlisting! (Bit creepy, though.) The site doesn’t look like it’s been updated since 2004, but nonetheless, it’s worth a look. (Link from
    Ami, PockyLove)
  • Dreamer – An Anzu Fansite – A little small and apparently still under construction, here’s a nice Anzu shrine. It’s got an interesting section on Japanese, with example videos; however, they were apparently named using the wrong extension (WMV), and I couldn’t get any of them to play! Too bad… (Link from Lily)

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