It’s Time for Azure Week 2021!

It’s that time of year again… time for Azure Week 2021!

Azure Week falls between September 16th and the 22nd annually, between Anzu/Téa’s birthday on August 18 and Seto’s birthday on October 25. During that week, fans of the pairing (Azureshippers) are encouraged to write, draw, muse, sketch, assemble—or whatever creative verb comes to mind—anything Azureshipping, using one or more of the ten themes fans decided on for this year.

The themes don’t come in any particular order, and there’s no requirement to use all of them; you can pick your favorite one, two, four, or ten! You can create one fanwork, or three, or however many you please. Just remember to tag it with #AzureWeek2021 so your fellow Azureshippers can find it.

This year, I’m spearheading the celebration, with the help of interested fans on the Azure Week forum on You can check out the Azure Week page here on Blue Eyes and Apricots for more information, including this year’s themes, extra challenges, and how to submit your URLs so they’ll get featured here on an Azure Week 2021 Master List!

Are you already a member of Blue Eyes and Apricots? If you like, I’ll be happy to designate you as an Azure Week 2021 participant with a special badge on your account. Just make sure your the name attached to your Azure Week submission matches the one you signed up to the fanlisting with.

I’ve started giving people a visual sneak peek at the themes on Pinterest and Instagram, but you can see all the theme images I created right here:

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