Once upon a time at a fanlisting not so far away, there used to be fanart. But a number of thieves decided to take the fanart of the artists hosted here on BEA, many of whom are friends of Azurite. Keeping that in mind, Azurite reported any individuals she found. However, many of them either ignored her messages or responded rudely. Some of them gave credit, others gave hackneyed credit (e.g. credit to Azurite, rather than the site or the individual artist), and others simply took their reported art or videos and reposted it. Because of that, Azurite opted to close the Fanart section of the Blue Eyes and Apricots fanlisting.

However, this new media section will encompass links to top-notch fanartists (so you can comment and collect the art on THEIR sites, and use it on THEIR terms!), hosted creations such as banners, wallpapers, and icons/avatars (credit MUST still be given when asked for), fanmixes, fansoundtracks, and embedded videos.

As much as it bothers me to do so, there will also be a blacklist linking to various people on the web who have stolen from BEA in the past and/or not given proper credit to information and/or art hosted here. This blacklist will serve to bring attention to those thieves, so don’t applaud any of their “creations” –none of them are original!


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