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You’d be pretty hard-pressed to find a decent amount of Seto x Anzu footage in the Yu-Gi-Oh animated series, but there are talented Azureshippers out there who know where to look– and how to put it all together in the form of an anime music video!

How It Works

This page includes a Playlist of Azureshipping AMVs hosted on YouTube. Expect this to constantly grow and change; videos might occasionally get deleted, while others will be added. I generally only add videos to the playlist if they properly give credit to any fanartists whose art is used (or better yet, videos that don’t use fanart at all)!

For these embedded AMVs, you should see a play button– just click to watch! If you like them, be sure to go to YouTube and rate and/or comment on them!

Note: if for some reason, you CAN’T see the player, you might need to download a plug-in, allow ActiveX or Flash, or disable any extensions/add-ons you may have, such as Firefox’s NoScript. Additionally, any AMVs created using special codecs will say so, and you’ll need to have them installed on your computer play the videos back. (This is rare.)

As of right now, BEA plays host to one AMV that isn’t currently available on YouTube; Our Song by Rizha. It’s in WMV (Windows Media Video) format, which means you can’t autoplay it from our website, but you can download it and play it with most standard video players (Windows Media Player, VLC, WinAMP, etc.) Additional details about the video, such as duration, download size, etc. appear after the video itself.

If you’re confused, have any questions, or just want to submit an AMV, then please drop me a line!

An Azureshipping Playlist

The below playlist is a constantly-updated YouTube playlist from my YouTube Channel. Sometimes videos get removed from YouTube, or some AMVs are not uploaded there, so don’t rely on this channel as the end-all source of Azureshipping AMVs!

Hosted Here

Our Song, by Rizha (Song by M2M) – WMV – 3:57 – 2.67 MB – It’s more like a slideshow than a real AMV, but the song works very well with Seto and Anzu, and the images fit, too!

Anime Music

Another great resource for AMVs is, of course, Here are some Azureshipping AMVs that you can download from that site:

Missing AMVs

Do you know where these missing AMVs are? Drop me a line where they can be found/downloaded online so I can provide links to them here!

  • All You Wanted, by CupcakePinkPrincess (Song by Michelle Branch)
  • Accidentally in Love, by NekoMajo (Song by Counting Crows)
  • The Reason, by BlueEyesGirl (Song by Hoobastank)
  • Broken, by Zukosgirl93 (Song by Lifehouse)
  • Breath[e] Into Me, by Theasunny (Song “Breathe Into Me,” by Red)
  • Kaiba and Tea by Phenom20Uk (Song “The Memory Will Never Die” by Default)
  • Falling In Love With You by NekoMajo (Song by A*Teens)
  • Transparent, by YamisXFallenXAngel (Song by Porcelain and the Tramps)
  • Bless the Broken Road, by Cerulean Embers (Song by Rascal Flatts)
  • Dance with Me, Anzu, by Masteramagiciangirl
  • Gomenasai, by Miyuki Gainsborough (Song by t.A.T.u)
  • Mamma Mia!, by SwordPrincess (Song by A*Teens)

Tips for making a good Seto x Anzu AMV

  • DO NOT USE FANART. It usually looks out of place, and if you don’t credit (by naming the artist and giving a link to where their art can be found), it’s theft. By the way, this applies to icons, banners, and anything else that was manipulated by someone
    else. If you don’t know the name of the artist or where you got it, don’t use it!
  • Try to use video clips, rather than still images. While you can make a “musical slideshow” that looks good, often the best anime music videos are the ones that are, well… animated.
  • Don’t have an overly-long intro or outro. These are the parts of your video that introduce yourself and the video’s title/artist, and then close the video off by giving credits. For example, in an intro, you might say “Seto x Anzu AMV by YourName Here.”
    It doesn’t need to be long, complicated, have its own separate music track, etc. In the outro, you’d have your end credits, “Song Title by So-and-So, featuring anime clips from Yu-Gi-Oh. Video made by Your Name Here.” You can also give thanks, mention the pairing is called “Azureshipping,” etc.
  • If you watch real music videos, you’ll notice there usually isn’t an intro at all, but information is given in the lower left-hand corner ( the title of the song, artist, album,
    and record label). If you choose to do it this way (or present ANY typed information at all), make sure that any typed information is legible– don’t use glaring bright fonts like neon pink or lime green– they won’t look good no matter what your background is!
  • Get it out there! Make sure to upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, LiveVideo, Hulu, Veoh, and other streaming video sites. Also consider having it hosted online, and make a profile for yourself on! Don’t forget to drop us here
    at BEA a link, too! If where you upload it is a streaming site (again, like YouTube), you can embed the video on other sites such as LiveJournal posts or, as we’ve done, on web pages. Just be sure that when you DO post the video, you post it in an appropriate place, and you give any information that you might have only included in your video information box (which won’t show up when you embed the video elsewhere).

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