The following icons and avatars are available for use on journaling sites, forums, and as profile images provided you give the original artist credit! They are not for use in videos, slideshows, montages, banners, etc. unless explicit written permission is obtained from the original icon artist(s).

Below, how to credit an artist on a journaling site. Many other sites that allow you to have multiple user pictures (userpics or avatars) will look similar:


In the ‘Keywords’ box, put whatever you like to help you remember what the icon shows.

In the ‘Comment’ field, credit the artist. The above artist has a LiveJournal, so I used LiveJournal code (LJ-code) to link to her journal. If you are using a LiveJournal users’ icons on a non-LiveJournal site, instead type the link to their journal like so:


where ‘username’ is the artist’s journal username. If an artist does not have a journal username, their website link will be provided here, and you should link using that. It’s helpful if you include the artist’s name, like so:

Icon By Cerulean-san @ Website.com.

Note: if you are given the option to pick your avatar from a location on the web, DO NOT USE IT! Please right-click and save these icons to your own hard-drive!
Anyone caught hotlinking will be blacklisted and the images removed from our servers!

A good way of remembering the artist’s username is to save the file like so:




So for the above icon, the filename might be:


Keep in mind that some usernames have underscores or dashes in the front, but filenames won’t allow for that, so the username should be put at the “back” of the filename. As long as your keywords are clear, you shouldn’t have any problems mixing the two halves
of the filename up.

When in doubt, leave the filename as it is on the BEA server. Don’t change the default name when you click “Save As…” I’ve already saved them using the above format, so the artist name and keywords are already included.

If you’d like your icons here, then email me the icons in a COMPRESSED ZIP FILE (unless you have less than 10). It doesn’t matter what size (in pixels) the icons are, but you should try keeping them under 40KB in size for use on most sites. You should give them an icon name similar to the above, or else I might rename them before uploading them to the site. Be sure to include a link to where you want your credit given (e.g. a website, an icon journal, etc). YOU MAY ONLY SUBMIT YOUR OWN ICONS. Don’t try and submit icons made by someone else. If you made the icon, but the art is from someone else, be sure to give the artist’s name and a link to their site/journal as well! We want everyone to get credit for their hard work!

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