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Obviously, we can’t host music files here without getting in loads of trouble, but what we can do is link you to iTunes, a great resource for inexpensive songs! You need an account to purchase music, but it’s quick and easy to setup if you’ve never done it before. The stores linked with our buttons are for the United States store, but if you’re in another country, the link should redirect you to the content in your country, if available.

Some tracks from are not available as single digital downloads for some iTunes songs (they may be available exclusively through Apple Music).

Please note that these are affiliate links, and if you happen to purchase from either of the stores, we will get a slight commission that helps us keep the Seventh Star Network of sites up and running, ad-free!

Why do you no longer have Amazon links?

Unlike iTunes/Apple, Amazon only allows people with pretty huge, consistent traffic numbers access to their affiliate “Associates” program. Since this is an ad-free fan site, it doesn’t get huge traffic like some bloggers, and so they rejected Blue Eyes and Apricots from the program. ;_; I’m sorry.

If you have an iTunes account, please help keep BEA ad-free by purchasing songs through your iTunes Music Store using the links here!

How are the compilations on this page organized?

  • Fanmix – a collection of songs that relate to a particular character or pairing. Usually, the songs deal with one or both individuals and their relationship with one another, as opposed to any specific incidences or events.
  • Fan soundtrack (FST) – a collection of songs that is meant to go along with a sequence of events, such as the episodes of the show or the chapters of a fanfiction.

Music playlists are organized like so:

  • Numerical order, as established by whoever compiled the fanmix or fan
    soundtrack. This order is more important for fan soundtracks than it is for
  • Song Title (Artist name; Album title) Link to iTunes
    ♫ “Excerpt of song lyrics
  • Please note, not all songs are available at online stores as individual songs (or at all). Sometimes you can find them if you purchase an entire album, especially if it’s a remix from a single or a song created for a movie soundtrack. Email us and we can help you locate the song elsewhere!


“A.Z.U.R.E.” by Praise of Shadows

  1. Villain (Hedley; Hedley)  Villain (Hedley)
    “…and I feel like I’m a villain, Jesus…”
  2. Angel to You (Devil to Me) (The Click Five; Greetings from Imrie House)Angel to You, Devil to Me (The Click Five, Greetings from Imrie House)
    “…well, she’s hotter than hell and she’s cool as they come…”
  3. Running Up That Hill (Within Temptation; Running Up That Hill [single]) 
    Not Available Streaming/Digital Download!

    “…if I could make a deal with God and have Him swap our places…”
  4. Bittersweet (Apocalyptica feat. Ville Valo And Lauri Ylönen) Bittersweet (Apocalyptica) 
    “…queen of my silent suffocation…”
  5. Come on Eileen (Save Ferris; It Means Everything) Come On Eileen (Save Ferris, It Means Everything)
    ” …at this moment you mean everything…”
  6. Your Neck (Alkaline Trio; Crimson) Your Neck (Alkaline Trio, Crimson)  
    “…I’ll try my very best to keep my feelings off my chest…”
  7. Tear You Apart (She Wants Revenge; She Wants Revenge) EXPLICIT LYRICS Tear You Apart (She Wants Revenge)
    “…I want to hold you, skin pressed against me tight, lie still…”
  8. Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) (Spiller’s Radio Edit) (DJ Spiller; Groovejet) Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) (Spiller's Radio Edit, DJ Spiller, Groovejet)
    “…and if this ain’t love, then why does it feel so good?”
  9. Vampyre Erotica (Inkubus Sukkubus; Wytches and Vampyres: The Best Of) Vampyre Erotica (Inkubus Sukkubus, Wytches & Vampyres: The Best of)
    “…I’ll hurt you, you’ll love me…”
  10. Heaven Help Us (My Chemical Romance; Heaven Help Us (B-Side) [single]) Heaven Help Us (B-Side) (My Chemical Romance, The Black Parade)
    “…the angels come screaming…”
  11. The Highway Man (Loreena McKennitt; The Book of Secrets) The Highway Man (Loreena McKennitt, The Book of Secrets) 
    “…I’ll come to thee by moonlight though Hell should bar the way….”
  12. One in a Million (Inkubus Sukkubus; The Anthology) One in a Million (Inkubus Sukkubus, The Anthology) 
    “…and I will want you to the eve of my death…”

“Azureshipper’s Songlist” by Azurite and the SetoAnzuLove LiveJournal

  1. More Than Words (English) (Frankie J; More Than Words (English Version) [single]) More Than Words (English) (Frankie J, More Than Words)
    “More than words is all you ever needed me to show…”
  2. It Is You (I Have Loved) (Dana Glover; Shrek [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]) It Is You (I Have Loved) (Dana Glover, Shrek: Music from the Original Motion Picture) 
    “…Now I know just who you are, and I know you hold my heart. Finally, this is where I belong”
  3. All You Wanted (Michelle Branch; The Spirit Room) All You Wanted (Michelle Branch, The Spirit Room) 
    “If you want to, I can save you, I can take you away from here. So lonely inside, so busy out there, And all you wanted was somebody who cares.”
  4. Pretty Baby (Vanessa Carlton; Be Not Nobody) Pretty Baby (New) (Vanessa Carlton, Be Not Nobody)
    “Pretty baby, don’t you leave me; I have been saving smiles for you. Pretty baby, why can’t you see you’re the one that I belong to?”
  5. This Love (Maroon 5; Songs About Jane) This Love (Maroon 5, Songs About Jane) “This love has taken its toll on me: she said goodbye too many times before. Her heart is breaking in front of me; I have no choice, cause I won’t say goodbye anymore…”
  6. If You Could Only See (Tonic; Lemon Parade) If You Could Only See (Tonic, Lemon Parade)
    “If you could only see the way she loves me, then maybe you would understand…”
  7. Belief (Gavin DeGraw; Chariot) Belief (Gavin DeGraw, Chariot)
    “Tonight, you rest in my mind, when you came to my defense…”
  8. Together Again (Dave Koz; The Dance) Together Again (Dave Koz, The Dance)
    (Instrumental Track)
  9. More Than Words (Extreme; The Best Of Extreme: An Accidental Collocation of Atoms?) More Than Words (Extreme, The Best of Extreme: An Accidental Collocation of Atoms?) 
    “More than words is all you ever needed me to show…”
  10. Bliss (Tori Amos; To Venus and Back) Bliss (Tori Amos, To Venus and Back) ♫ “…we’re a bliss of another kind…”
  11. Making Love Out of Nothing At All (Air Supply; Love Songs) Making Love Out of Nothing at All (Air Supply, Love Songs)
    But I don’t know how to leave you, and I’ll never let you fall, and I don’t know how you do it: making love out nothing at all…”
  12. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who; Who’s Next [Remastered]) Behind Blue Eyes (The Who, Who's Next)
    “No one knows what it’s like to be the bad man, to be the sad man, behind blue eyes…”
  13. The One That Got Away (Natasha Bedingfield; Unwritten) The One That Got Away (Natasha Bedingfield, These Words [New Zealand single])
    “Turn around, don’t evaporate like you never came; turn around don’t be a ghost,
    forever never there to haunt me…”
  14. Breathing (Lifehouse; No Name Face) Breathing (Lifehouse, No Name Face)
    “‘Cause I want nothing more than to sit outside Heaven’s door and listen to you breathing…”
  15. Sway (The Pussycat Dolls; Shall We Dance? [Soundtrack from the Motion Picture]) Sway (The Pussycat Dolls: Shall We Dance? Music from the Motion Picture) 
    “When we dance, you have a way with me. Stay with me, sway with me…”
  16. Cold Cold Heart (Norah Jones; Come Away With Me) Cold Cold Heart (Norah Jones, Come Away With Me)
    “A memory from your lonesome past keeps us so far apart.
    Why can’t I free your doubtful mind and melt your cold, cold heart?”
  17. Can’t Help Falling In Love (A*Teens; Pop ‘Til You Drop) Can't Help Falling In Love (A*Teens, Pop 'Til You Drop)
    “Wise men say only fools rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with you…”
  18. Days Go By (Lifehouse; Lifehouse) Days Go By (Lifehouse)
    “So come on and leave the years, when you watched the days go by.
    Come on and leave the fears that you were afraid to find.”


  • The song “It Is You (I Have Loved)” has been covered by numerous artists, some of whom even include “(from the film ‘Shrek’)” in their song title. However, the one on this fanmix is the original one from the Shrek Original Movie Soundtrack, performed by Dana Glover. Note that there is also a Score from the movie, but that CD does not include this song.
  • We included two versions of the popular song “More Than Words” because
    each version is popular and has a different feeling or quality to it. The lyrics, however, are the same in each version.
  • The iTunes link to “The One That Got Away” is the from the New Zealand store; unfortunately, I was unable to locate the song on the U.S. Store. Let me know if you can find it! If you’d like the original version, email me and I can help you locate it.


“Sight Through Sky-Eyes” by Geniusgirl; The Original

This fan soundtrack was meant to be a “5-disc collector’s edition,” but only the first two discs were ever released (from what I could find). Geniusgirl; The Original’s notes on the music are as follows:

Songs on this FST are taken from a wide range of sources; their application is largely lyric based, save for a few that are more usable for atmosphere. Genres range from hardcore rap to film ambient new age, languages range from English to Japanese to Hindi. Think of it as a world music sampler and give what you don’t know a try. You never know what you might like.

Sight Through Sky-Eyes Fan Soundtrack: Disc 1 of 5 (Click to download full-size image!)

Disc 1 of 5: See You Breathe

An Introduction // Duelist Kingdom

  1. Sora’s Folktale (Midori; Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaia) Sora's Folktale (Midori, Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaia Original Soundtrack)
  2. Ankh Milaungi (“I Meet Your Eyes” Asha Bhosle; Fiza) Ankh Milaungi (Asha Bhosle & Anu Malik, Fiza)
  3. More Than This (Charlie Hunter Quartet feat. Norah Jones; Songs from the Analog Playground) More Than This (Charlie Hunter Quartet, Songs from the Analog Playground)
  4. Petrified (Fort Minor; The Rising Tied) EXPLICIT LYRICS Petrified (Fort Minor, The Rising Tied) 
  5. Asche Zu Asche (“Ashes to Ashes” Rammstein; Herzeleid) Asche zu Asche (Rammstein, Herzeleid)
  6. Clean My Wounds (Corrosion of Conformity; Deliverance) Clean My Wounds (Corrosion of Conformity, Deliverance)
  7. Ya Ali (“O God” Zubeen Garg; Gangster [Music from the Motion Picture]) Ya Ali (Version 1) (Zubeen Garg, Gangster: Music from the Motion Picture)
  8. Metamorphoze (Gackt; Diabolos) Metamorphoze (Gackt, Diabolos)
  9. Anxiety (Black Eyed Peas feat. Papa Roach; Elephunk) Anxiety (The Black Eyed Peas feat. Papa Roach, Elephunk)
  10. Deliver Me (Sarah Brightman; Eden) Deliver Me (Sarah Brightman, Eden)
Sight Through Sky-Eyes Fan Soundtrack: Disc 2 of 5 (Click to download full-size image!)

Disc 2 of 5: Look Like That

Dungeon Dice Monsters // The RPG // Battle City

  1. Radio Belize (Deep Forest; Comparsa) Radio Bélize (Deep Forest, Comparsa)
  2. Lord Give Me A Sign (DMX; Year of the Dog…Again) Lord Give Me A Sign (DMX, Year of the Dog...Again)
  3. Science (System of a Down; Toxicity) Science (System of a Down, Toxicity)
  4. Show Me The Money (Petey Pablo; Step Up [Original Soundtrack]) Show Me The Money (Petey Pablo, Step Up [Original Soundtrack])
  5. Born Alone, Die Alone (Lloyd Banks; Get Rich or Die Tryin’ [Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture]) EXPLICIT LYRICS Born Alone, Die Alone (Lloyd Banks, Get Rich or Die Tryin' [Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture]) 
  6. Roll It Gal (Remix) (Alison Hinds feat. Elephant Man; Soca Queen) Roll It Gal (Alison Hinds, Soca Queen)
  7. Blood (Editors; The Back Room) Blood (Editors, The Back Room)
  8. Collide (Howie Day; Stop All the World Now) Collide (Original) (Howie Day, Stop All the World Now)
  9. Tu Fiza Hai (Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik & Prashant Samaddar; Fiza) Tu Fiza Hai (Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik & Prashant Samaddar, Fiza)
  10. Secret Garden (Gackt; Rebirth) Secret Garden (Gackt, Rebirth)
  11. Sentence (Era; Divano) Not Available Streaming/Digital Download!
  12. The Piano (Enigma; Voyageur) The Piano (Enigma, Voyageur)
  13. Kill Your Idols (Static-X; Shadow Zone) Kill Your Idols (Static-X, Shadow Zone)

Disc 3 of 5:

Noa’s Virtual Reality // The Battle City Finals

Disc 4 of 5:

Orichalcos // The Grand Prix // When In Ancient Egypt

Disc 5 of 5:

Special Edition Bonus: Azureshipper Future Sounds

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