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I was born in Kirkland,
Also, have lived in Mount Vernon for 10 years.
I have my father Holiday Spirit, My mother, Honoredheart Spirit.
Next, my older sister named Rosa Spirit and suddenly their me Angelina Spirit. Following younger brother named Dawnrise Spirit.
I'm am 15 years old my birthday is December 25, 2006, Also I'm a big fan of Yugioh, Yugioh 5ds, Yugioh zexal, Yugioh veins, Yugioh GX, and Yugioh arc v.
I love to : 3D printing,Acrobatics,Acting,Baking,Board/tabletop games,Book discussion clubs,Bowling,Building,Candy making,Card games,Chess,Cleaning,
Clothesmaking, Collecting, Coloring, Cooking, Craft, Creative writing, Crossword puzzles, Dance, Digital arts, Drama, Drawing, Gaming, Humor, Ice skating, Lego building, Listening to music, Painting.
Kulshan View Drive, Mount Vernon, WA

United States
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