If you wanna join the listing, you’ve gotta know the rules!

Here’s how it works:

  • Anyone can join. You don’t need to have a webpage. But you do need¬†to provide a valid email. Don’t worry, your email will never be¬†sold, rented, or anything of the sort. And you won’t be spammed, by us or¬†third-party companies. If you do receive an email from the list, it’s¬†to inform you of changes, requests, or replies.
  • If you have a website, feel free to link to it on the form. However, hate/porn/illegal
    sites of any kind will not be listed; if it is discovered that you¬†have linked to such a site, the link will be removed. You can still remain¬†a member if you wish, but we will email you about it, just to check. Website¬†owners are encouraged to grab themselves a cool banner or button, to display¬†their BEA pride! Make sure it links to ‘‘.¬†If you do use a button or banner, do not direct link to it! You must¬†save it to your own server!
  • YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR COUNTRY . We’re trying to gather people from¬†all over, and we wouldn’t be much of a network if we didn’t know what country¬†everyone was from, now would we? You don’t have to get specific; your country¬†is all we need. If you can’t find your country, check any alternate names¬†it might be listed under. For example, Holland will be listed as The Netherlands,¬†Korea is listed as South Korea and North Korea. If you still can’t find your¬†country, email me¬†and I will figure
    out where it is listed!
  • No bashing, please! There’s no point in joining the list if you¬†hate Seto Kaiba or Anzu Mazaki– or either of their “dub” forms. Any member¬†caught “bashing” or
    linking to a “bashing site” in their member link will be emailed and asked
    to remove themselves from the list.

That’s it! Now go¬†join!